This area is recognized by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Do you know where this is? What the name of the place is? Any idea why it is important to the region and history of Northwest Pennsylvania? 

Also care to indicate a preference to Black and White or Color photography, here is the same photograph above in Black and White. Do the color make the picture more appealing? Do they help convey a meaning or a mood? Or does the black and White help you look at all the aspects of the photo to see the detail not being drawn to your favorite color? Do different parts of the photograph jump out at you in the color version?...the black and white version?


Mike Nelson
04/18/2012 2:01pm

I would say it is the Geneva marsh. The only thing I can think of as far as historical would be that the old Erie canal runs a long the edge of the swamp near Custards off of Rt. 285.

04/21/2012 5:03pm

Mike, It does have something to do with the Erie canal, but its not Geneva.

04/24/2012 8:06am

Hartstown Swamp from 322


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